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La Tienda LVI

Divine Tales from the Center of the World

Divine Tales from the Center of the World

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In the Maya town of Xocén, Yucatán, there is still a vision of the world rooted in that of their ancestors, which has been transmitted orally from one generation to another for hundreds or thousands of years. They are narratives that allow the peasants of this town to structure their universe , interpret the world that surrounds them and act based on ethics and values ​​that are both their own and universal. In it is contained, in a pleasant and simple way, although profound, his philosophy.

These stories from Xocén (the Center of the World), Compiled and transcribed between 1982 and 2016 , they can also be enjoyed by children, young people and adults from other regions, cultures or fields, and serve as a basis for drawing, painting, plays, poems and other artistic manifestations.

Author: Christian Rasmussen, Pedro Chuc, Silvia Terán and inhabitants of Xocén

Publication date: 2020

Pages: 320 pp in black and white

Measurements: 20 x 24 cm

Weight: 70 grams

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