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La Tienda LVI

Portfolio of images of the ECO program

Portfolio of images of the ECO program

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He Program day ECHO takes advantage of the link between oral and written language, between listening and comprehension, in order to develop skills that enrich the language and culture of the student. Its main objectives are:

  • Integrate visual and literary art as means for the construction of knowledge and personal growth.
  • Deepen the development of skills in four specific areas: cognitive, affective, communicative and social.
  • Foster a love of reading and reading comprehension in a meaningful learning environment.
  • Motivate writing in an environment of free expression of ideas, feelings and experiences.

The pictures accompany the development of each of the 20 lessons:

  1. Lourdes Almeida, Frais-Petes Family, Mennonites, Peasants , 1993, Color Photograph
  2. stellenbosch, South Africa , ca. 1980, Louise Gubb, Color Photography
  3. Frida Kahlo, Portrait of Doña Rosita Murillo , 1944, Oil on masonite
  4. Lorenzo Armendariz, The Canada Rooster , 1991, Black and White Photography
  5. Nikifor Krylov, Russian Winter , 1827, Oil on canvas
  6. Anonymous of the Mexican culture, Mexican horoscope , 16th century, Tempera on amate paper
  7. Attributed to Quentin Massys, Old Woman (The Queen of Tunis) , 1513, Oil on panel
  8. Anonymous, Untitled , ca. 1950, color photography
  9. John Lamb, The bather , 19th century, Oil on canvas
  10. Robert Doisneau, Information , 1956, Black and White Photography
  11. Manuel Alvarez Bravo, The Dream , 1931, Black and White Photography
  12. Nathalie Novi, The little fish and the fisherman , Date and technique not available
  13. Robert Doisneau, Picasso's Breads , 1952, Black and White Photography
  14. Jose Luis Neyra Torres The Sierra Madre , 1976, Black and white photography
  15. Diego Rivera, Portrait of Pita Amor , 1949, Oil on canvas
  16. Garry Winogrand, Untitled , ca 1980, Black and white photography
  17. Angel Zarraga, blue boy, 1915, Oil on canvas
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