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Level 1 Sensitization and Stage 1 Language to know

Level 1 Sensitization and Stage 1 Language to know

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The day is a didactic methodology that uses art as a stimulus to start a process of human development and activate the potential of children and teachers. Sensitization Level is the introduction to the method.

The general objectives of the day program consist of developing four areas of skills: communicative, cognitive, affective and social. The dia dynamic revolves around the group discussion of works of art in which the dia teacher acts as a mediator and facilitator in the construction of knowledge.

The language stage guide to know It is a didactic support that helps the teacher to achieve the objectives proposed by the program. This guide places emphasis on the development of language as a means of knowing the world and opens a door to the expression of words, opinions and experiences of students.

Its general objective is to discover language as a tool to know the world and to express oneself orally and in writing.

  • Contains overview, introduction, didactics, methodology and 24 lessons.
  • 48 works of Mexican and universal art.
ISBN: 968-755911X and 968-7559144
Author: Claudia M., Tania A., Eric L., and Eugenia V.
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