How to buy

  1. Create an account or enter your user data.
  2. Find the products using the search engine and the filters by categories.
  3. Add the products you want to buy by clicking the ADD TO MY CART button .
  4. To return to the product catalog, click on CONTINUE SHOPPING .
  5. When your shopping cart is full, click PAY ORDER.
  6. A new screen will open: in it you must write your CONTACT INFORMATION ( if you do not have an account, please CREATE ONE ).
  7. On that same screen you can choose the FORM OF DELIVERY. Select SEND to receive your order at the address you provide. Choose RETIREMENT to pick it up directly at the La Vaca Independiente facilities.
  8. If you have a coupon/discount code, add it in the corresponding section and click APPLY .
  9. Enter your PAYMENT information . Remember that all your transactions are encrypted and secure.
  10. If you want to invoice, enter your tax information.
  11. Confirm your purchase by clicking PAY NOW .
  12. You will receive an email with the shipping notice of your products.
  13. Enjoy your purchase.