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Portfolio of images dia Language to know-Awareness

Portfolio of images dia Language to know-Awareness

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The mediation vehicle is an essential component of mediation day. Thanks to him, we can conduct our sessions in an orderly manner and with defined purposes. Level language to know uses art as a very powerful stimulus that the teacher can include in his sessions to transform the dynamics in his classroom.

This portfolio contains 48 prints of works of universal art with an emphasis on Mexican art. This selection is the result of the experience in the implementation of the program day throughout more than two decades, which has shown that these works contain a wide thematic richness and varied descriptive and narrative possibilities.

200gr printed sheets in couché, measuring 60 x 90 cm.


  1. Arturo Gonzalez, Portrait of Jorge González Camarena at the age of ten ca. , 1928, Black and white photography
  2. Orazio Gentileschi, Lute player , 18th century, Oil on canvas
  3. Diego Rivera, Portrait of Pita Amor , 1949, Oil on canvas
  4. Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi), Bacchus , 1596-1597, Oil on canvas
  5. Leonardo da Vinci, La Gioconda , 1503-1505, Oil on panel
  6. Robert Doisneau, Picasso's Breads , 1952, Black and White Photography
  7. Duane Hanson, Supermarket buyer , 1970, Fiberglass sculpture
  8. Olga Costa, Fruit seller , 1951, Oil on canvas
  9. Bryan and Cherry Alexander, Scarfaced Penguins , 1994, Color Photograph
  10. Antonio Vizcaíno , Untitled , 1989, Color photograph
  11. Abel Quezada, Family Affair , 1981, Oil on canvas
  12. Ken Doman, Mr. and Mrs. Katani: Two Who Have Suffered by War , 1957, Black and White Photograph
  13. Garry Winogrand, Untitled , 1980, Black and White Photography
  14. Antonio Vizcaíno Huichol , San Luis Potosí , 1991, Color photography
  15. David Friedrich, The limestone cliffs of Rügen , 1818, Oil on canvas
  16. Abel Quezada, Odessa Bombing , 1976, Oil on canvas
  17. Felix Valloton, Bath on a Summer Afternoon (detail) , 1892, Oil on canvas
  18. John Everett Millais, Ophelia , 1852, Oil on canvas
  19. Sandy Fellman, Horiyoshi III and his son , 1986, Color photograph
  20. Frida Kahlo, My grandparents , my parents and I, 1936, Oil on canvas
  21. Jesus Helguera, Las Mañanitas ca. , 1971, Oil on canvas
  22. Anonymous Hindu, Baby's Workshop: The Family at Play ca. , 1800s, Color on paper
  23. Robert Doisneau, Information , 1956, Black and White Photography
  24. Anonymous of the Mexican culture, Mexican horoscope, 16th century , Tempera on amate paper
  25. Agustín V. Casasola , “Adelita”: courageous woman during the armed movement of 1910 ca. , 1910, Black and white photography
  26. Hans Holbein, The young Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam , 1523, Oil on panel
  27. Joaquin Sorolla, María painting in El Pardo , 1907, Color on paper
  28. Attributed to Quentin Massys, Old Woman (The Queen of Tunis ), 1513, Oil on panel
  29. Ramona F Hagen, Variation on “The Picnic Picnic” by Edouard Manet , 2000 Collage
  30. Keisan Eisen, Discreet Conversation , 1804-1818, Engraving
  31. Jose Luis Neyra Torres The Sierra Madre , 1976, Black and white photography
  32. Roy Lichtenstein, Artist's Study, Foot Treatment , 1974, Oil and magna on canvas
  33. Anonymous Novohispanic, Caste painting (detail) , 18th century, Oil on canvas
  34. Peter Cornelisz van Ryck, Kitchen Scene (detail) , 1604, Oil on canvas
  35. Louise Gubb Stellenbosch, South Africa ca ., 1980, Photography on the internet
  36. Lourdes Almeida , Frais-Petes Family, Mennonites, peasants, 1993, Color photography
  37. Kosma Petrov-Vodkin, Beach , 1908, Oil on canvas
  38. Anonymous Hindu, New Year Celebration at the Court of Shah Jahan ca. , 1965, Color on panel
  39. Sandro Boticelli, The Birth of Venus , 1486, Tempera on canvas
  40. Frida Kahlo, Portrait of Doña Rosita Murillo , 1944, Oil on masonite
  41. Frida Kahlo, Living Nature , 1952, Oil on wood
  42. Daniel Spoeri, La ducha , (undeceive the eye), 1961, Oil on canvas and wood ensemble
  43. Cleofas Almanza, The storm in the plains of Aragon, Villa de Guadalupe , 1885, Oil on canvas
  44. Nikifor Krylov, Russian Winter , 1827, Oil on canvas
  45. Diego Rivera, The Huastec Civilization , 1950, Fresco Mural
  46. Jose Obregon, The discovery of pulque , 1869, Oil on canvas
  47. Anonymous Olmec Culture, The tenth Olmec colossal head ca., 1700-300 BC, Carved stone
  48. National Land Survey of Iceland, Surtsey Island, 1973, aerial photography
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