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Level 2 Observation and active listening and Stage 2 Imagination to understand

Level 2 Observation and active listening and Stage 2 Imagination to understand

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Here you will find the tools for the discovery and understanding of education as a process that develops throughout life.

Level Observation and active listening, the second level of the program day , offers the teacher the didactic model of the dia program and the theoretical foundations that support its practice. It is complemented by the work guide and the portfolio of images.

Active observation and listening refers to the ability to carefully perceive what is happening around us, understand it and act accordingly. It implies concentration, will, intentionality and the search for reciprocity, where all attention is focused on development processes. 

The Imagination to Understand Stage, the second stage of the dia program, explores skills that have surprising significance in learning and in our daily lives. The objective of this stage is to use the imagination as a tool to understand the world, establish relationships and exercise thought.

The intention of this text is to explore the two fundamental concepts of the stage and understand the connection between them in order to keep them in mind and apply them in an increasingly conscious way during the dia classes .

  • Contains 18 lessons through 72 works of plastic art.

The complete portfolio or the prints have an additional cost.

ISBN: 968-7559179

Author: Claudia Madrazo, Susana Cortés and Eric List

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