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La Tienda LVI

Intimate Notebook inspired by Frida Kahlo

Intimate Notebook inspired by Frida Kahlo

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In her personal diary, Frida Kahlo, used images and words incorporating myriad forms of expression: free association, doodles, collages, drawings, paintings, poems, letters, narratives and stories, both real and invented about her own life.

With an artist's sensibility and genius she blazed her own trail of self-awareness and liberation. Inspired by the diary of Frida Kahlo, we have created this Intimate Notebook to clear a space where we can come to know ourselves through art.

This book is not a technical manual on how to make works of art, but an invitation to embrace our inner thoughts and creativity.

"I paint my own reality, I paint what goes through my head without any consideration." Frida Kahlo

Author: Claudia Madrazo

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 84 pp in color and 94 pp white for exercises

Measurements: 18 x 26 cm

Weight: 550 grams

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