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Frida Kahlo's diary. a new look

Frida Kahlo's diary. a new look

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La Vaca Independiente published the first edition of Frida Kahlo's Diary twenty years ago, now in El diario de Frida Kahlo. A new look , Karen Cordero Reiman and Eduardo Casar, invite us to feel it, to listen to it, to appreciate its visual and literary forms; to discover how both of the artist's talents coexist on its pages. Evoking the five senses and the imagination, the drawings and words merge to haunt other dimensions that give the viewer the chance to hear her girlish voice and perceive her breath, to be moved by her beauty and laugh with her mischievousness. humor. Frida Kahlo's diary. A new look is an invitation to see it and read it with different eyes, to find new meanings in it and discover the keys to review the art of being and existing in silence.

Author: Frida Kahlo
Pages: 223 pp in color
Measurements: 18 x 26 cm
Weight: 670 grams

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