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La Tienda LVI

Day 1 Awareness Level and Complement Learning to look

Day 1 Awareness Level and Complement Learning to look

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In it Level Awareness of the dia program , the teacher knows and becomes familiar with the objectives, the didactic methodology and the theoretical foundations of the dia program . Integrates the day class into its teaching activities periodically and consistently, carrying out the actions and interactions of each pedagogical principle. Promotes an environment of free expression and respect in the classroom. He uses his sensitivity to discover the qualities of art and mediate the development of students.

For his part, during the first Language to learn stage , students begin to follow the rules of the game, establish respectful relationships to share their ideas and listen to different comments from their classmates. They enrich their language to express themselves freely and name the world around them. They move from a fragmented and disorderly exploration of works of art to a more integrated and orderly one. They generate narratives, comparisons and begin to build arguments to justify their ideas.

  • Contains a methodology section, 24 lessons, monitoring and feedback, evaluation format, bibliography and glossary.
  • 48 works of Mexican and universal art.

Learning to look is the complement of the Book day 1. Sensitization level and stage Language to know . It contains 20 lessons designed with a selection of images made from the Learning to look material that allow work during two school cycles.

  • Contains an introduction, a methodological summary and 20 lessons.
  • 40 works of Mexican art to work the 20 lessons.

The complete portfolio or the prints have an additional cost.

ISBN: 978-9687559216 and 9978-9687559223

Author: Claudia Madrazo, Susana Cortés, Eric List and Edwin Triujeque

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